Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get my box, if I'm on vacation? You can have a friend/relative to pick it up in your place OR You may go in and place a hold on your box delivery for that specific week and get 2 boxes the following week. Do you have different size boxes? Yes. We offer a small box for 1-2 people and a large box that serves 4-6 people during the spring/summer session. During the fall season, we offer only 1 size box. How long have you been offering this CSA program? We have been doing the CSA program for 5 years. Do I have to pay all my money up front? No. You can set up and pay installments by the month either through check or credit card. The first payment is due at time of purchase, and the second installment will be charged 30 days after the original purchase. Can I purchase additional items? Absolutely. You can always buy add-on items such as eggs or more produce for your family to enjoy. It will be delivered with your subscription of produce. What happens if I forget my box? You can call or email Andrew or Rob and we will hold your box at the farm cooler for up to 3 days after your scheduled pickup. Do you allow customers to post recipes? Yes. We welcome customer input with recipes to share with others.